Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Eiffel Tower

(picture from old edition of Home Beautiful from what I can gather)

My five year old daughter announced recently that she would like to go to the Eiffel Tower and could we go within the week! - "Would love to sweetie but unfortunately it is not that easy (especially as it is a 24 hour flight away)."

Since this announcement she has become very interested in the Eiffel Tower and Paris, probably because we have pictures of it around the house and small model of it on our mantel and books on France. There is just something about it. It is amazing to think that when it was originally built it was only meant to be there for about 20 years and the French weren't happy about it. Now it is one of the most recognisable man made landmarks.


  1. Ooh, what a fab photo, Georgy! The Francophile in me is sighing. J x

  2. Hi georgy, wouldnt it be lovely if it were that easy to just pack our bags and be in another country the following day!!! Kids do say the funniest things!
    laura xx

  3. That's so gorgeous. I love how kids suddenly become interested in things, they have so much enthusiasm. Did you happen to see the beautiful home I featured a while ago with all the Eiffel Towers? It was lovely. Rachaelxx

  4. This comment could be distasteful, but I read something about it on a Libra pad tab the other day. Now I wish I had kept it to comment here .. lol


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