Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Build Update

The floor is finally finished two and a half weeks after my initial floor post! So I now have decided to start a regular Sunday post for a while giving build and then interior design updates for the week. I was hoping to start it last Sunday but there was nothing much to report on, we had some delays (the office didn't order enough flooring).

My Dad and the kids admiring the view

Well now the floor is done, we have cleaned up to a certain extent so we can use the space, as we were told this week the next trade, the plasterer won't be here until after Easter, so a bit of a wait. The furniture in the pictures below is temporary and that awful board next to the sliding doors is meant to be a pane of glass (yes they didn't put it in, good one Stegbar!).

The other change this week is we have cut a hole in the wall above the kitchen sink to open it up and create a servery of sort, as on the other side of the wall is the dining area. Updating the rest of the kitchen is going to be a few years off (would love a white one with Jarrah bench tops) but this makes a huge difference as it is.

Now you see it.................

Now you don't..........................

And from the dining side.................

Looking back on the kitchen and door to hall.................

Well we are getting there but can't wait for the plasterer to finish so we can start to paint and decorate properly. As we can't paint inside this week or over Easter the focus will be on the weatherboard.

Hope you had a great weekend.

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  1. I totally love what you have done to the place :O)
    A xx


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