Friday, April 8, 2011

Do you change colour with the season?

Well now in April, day light savings has ended, leaves are starting to change colour and fall, frost has appeared on a couple of mornings and Winter fashion is in the shops, we are well and truly into Autumn.

Our canadian Maple the centre of our garden.

With this in mind when I saw a gorgeous red coat for my daughter the other day I snapped it up as we have already had cold days. This got me thinking that as far as fashion goes I make a shift in colours for the season but should I do the same in the house?

I often see in magazines the promotion of splashes of cool blues and green for Summer and then a change to the warmer orange or red cushions and throws for Winter.

Our house with mainly white walls (except for the new blue hallway) decorated with pictures in black frames, wooden floorboards and wood or white furniture really does provide that great neutral palette to change the accent colours for the season but I never really have.

This is probably because blue is my favourite colour with red being a close second, so I have both around the house all year around, so I suppose I naturally cover the seasonal colour spectrum. And I must admit, though I have these colours in my house all the time I am constantly moving things around to give different effects no matter what the season.

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  1. Hi georgy, yep, i do change colours a lot... not so much with the seasons, but with my moods!!! Love your big tree in the garden!!
    Laura xx


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