Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is that a room I see......

First paint coat on the extension

It has been a good three weeks since the last post and I haven't even had the chance to follow what is going on other blogs, so to that next.

So where have I been, well struggling with a bad back and frozen shoulder, both which are aggravated by being on the computer. For this reason I had to dedicate all my computer time to my paid work.

Surprisingly while I have been away not much obviously has happened in terms of the build until this week with the arrival of the plasterer, arriving three weeks after the carpenters / builders had finished what they could.

We in the mean time had started painting the external weatherboard an off white, our electrician did more work and insulation went in.

And then Tuesday the plasterer arrived. What a difference a bit of plasterboard makes, it is starting to look like actual rooms.....

Pity about the board still covering the missing pane of glass - come on Stegbar, what about some service!

Now I would put up pictures of the bedrooms and bathroom but seriously they just look like boxes at the moment.

So this week the plasterer will put in the cornices and finish off. I can't wait as we can then clean all the mess (something I am a little over) and use the space more again.

But tomorrow I am hopefully going to forget about the build for a day and spend it with my family. My daughter tells me she has some lovely surprises for me.

And to my Mum and all the other Mums out there hope you have a great mothers day tomorrow.


  1. That's really exciting Georgy! I can't wait to see more, that big door to the outside will be so fantastic. Have a lovely mothers day tomorrow!

  2. Must be exciting to see the rooms take shape! Look forward to the next update. Have a great day on Mothers Day.
    Rebecca x

  3. Wow... it's looking good! Happy mother's day to you... gxo

  4. Wow Georgy, look at all that new space. It's such a nice layout. We want to knock out few walls here, but asbestos (unlike our other house) means we need the professionals in for that part.
    I bet you can't wait to paint the walls and get some furniture in here.
    The extension is a great fit from the outside, really blends the new with the old perfectly.

  5. Hi Georgy, I just stumbled across your blog which is so valuable as we are about to embark on a very similar project - with 2 young kids in tow as well! Could you please tell me your external cladding paint colour? Thanks so much.


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