Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How would you be on a lifestyle reality show?

Have you ever watched lifestyle reality shows and thought ‘I can’t believe they are getting so upset when they have a camera on them’? Well I have but now due to recent experience I am wondering if I would be the same.

This morning with the mad rush of getting ready for work (which my little boy was trying to stop me from doing by clinging to me), getting the kids ready for school and Kinda and then having the builders and washing machine repair man all rock up at the same time asking questions, I was getting a little frazzled to say the least.

So what did I do but start to raise my voice at Hubby as he headed out the door to deal with the builders ‘I need to get to work, I am already late and if I don’t leave soon don’t know how I can leave work early to pick up the kids this afternoon.’

Well the level of my voice stopped Hubby in his tracks as he tried to get me to quieten down with an embarrassed ‘ the builders can hear you, tone it down.’

Of course this made it worse and I yelled ‘I don’t care!’ and then proceeded to burst into tears.

This resulted in a quick response from my daughter saying ‘Daddy, Mummy is upset’ and she came over to give me a cuddle while my little boy started kissing my face. So sweet and just what I needed. They very quickly had calmed me down and made me smile.

Would all these reactions of changed with a camera in my face, now not so sure. Renovating or building a house is very emotional.

PS I forgot to say a big thank you to Jane at Life on Baby Planet for helping me spruce up my header.


  1. Ha Georgy, I relate!! I relate!! It is an emotional and tiring experience, and when you have builders in your 'space' at 7am, which let's face it is not easy with kids/life juggle at times, they get to hear the 'real' you. Usually it's all happy and smiles to strangers, but over time builders become like family and you can be yourself. Don't worry!!
    Gorgeous kids!

  2. I am not currently rennovating but I did say the same thing Monday morning. "I need to get to work on time so I can get home early. If I am late to start I will be late to finish" I may even have huffed.
    It's even worse when there are builders. You have to be dressed at the crack of dawn and keep the house reasonable so they don't think you are an absolute slob.
    I like your header too!

  3. Noticed your header straight away - very fresh, I like it. You sound very normal to me, we all have our 'moments', and its always the kids that bring us back up again and make it alright. (Would hate to be on a reality show).
    Rebecca x

  4. Oh Georgy, I often wonder the same thing! It's the moments when you know you are reacting badly but you just can't stop yourself that make me swear I will never go on reality TV. xx

  5. Oh, Georgy, that sounds horribly stressful, you poor thing. I'm glad I wasn't filmed this morning at 8.55 am trying to round the 3 pixies up to get Joshua to school - it wasn't pretty (and we were 8 minutes late, even after all that shouting). Thanks for the mention! J x

  6. Your kids are gorgeous! So sweet! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  7. So sorry to hear that, it is a very stressful time and none of us would want to be put in front of a video camera if we were going through it! My heart goes out to you. It will all be but a happy (?) memory soon.

  8. I remember those mornings when we lived through our renovation with two little ones. I shouted more than once and more than once at the builder! Rachaelxx


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