Monday, April 11, 2011

Time tricks

It was the first day of my daughters first ever school holidays today and I took her into the City to my office where we met my parents, who then looked after her for the day. Having her on the train with me and then showing her around, it suddenly hit me that time has really flown, where did the school term go and more importantly where did the last five years go? Slow down time!

On the other hand time as far as the build goes has slowed right down. In this case I want it to be the end of June and all over.

Those that read my blog regularly are probably thinking but it was going so fast, so what happened? Knock through that's what. I have been told by many once they knock through and are inside everything slows down and that is so right. They knocked through almost two weeks ago and since then there has been no obvious changes. They started the floor but haven't come back to finish it. I am told this will happen tomorrow but I will believe when I see it.

On top of which there is probably going to be at least a week and maybe two between the carpenters coming tomorrow and the plasterer starting! So speed up time!

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  1. Relying on tradesmen can be soooo frustrating, I hope it is all over soon.


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