Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Fairy party

Way back when, well actually only a few months ago we were very hopeful of having our renovation and extension done by this Christmas. And in a period of madness thought would then be able to host Christmas on our new deck and started planning for it.

Call this naivety or misunderstanding of what our builder was saying about build dates - I also managed to convince my daughter to have her 'five' party (as she calls it - she is a December baby, as am I) at home other then at a Play Centre which she was initially hoping for (she has been planning and talking about this party since March).

She was so excited, ‘I can show everyone my new room and all the toys in it.’

Well now her new room will not be built in time and she is very disappointed. She can’t quite get so excited about the concept of the new en-suite and walk in robe that will be finished. So trying to swallow my own disappointment, I have instead got her excited about this wonderful fairy party I am going to plan.

Some of you may be thinking but it is not until December but it already seems I have left it too late, as the fairies I have rung are all booked. How am I going to explain this?!

Well I am thinking I will just have to design an amazing fairy garden, decorations and activities to make up for it. Hopefully at the end of it I will have a very happy little girl and some great pictures and ideas to share with you.


  1. Im sure she will be extremely happy with her party no matter what you do. A fairy party sounds devine!!

  2. We had a Princess Party for Liv this year (her 5th). All the little girls came dressed as princesses, I hired kiddy sized trestle and chairs and set the table with pink and purple tablecloth, plates and napkins. Every place had a tiara and fairy wand. They decorated paper crowns with stick on rhinestones and coloured them in. They had a ball :D You don't need an actual fairy. Just think of a fairy themed activity to do (decorating fairy cakes, or painting fairy wands) and D and her friends will have a great time.

  3. Thanks all for your comments. I like your idea Jaimie of the paper crowns, I know D will just love it, anything that sparkles!

  4. I think your idea sounds way better then a fairy anyway! Party planning for children is a really hot topic at the moment so you can really do alot to make it a really magical party. I will be posting a few things on my blog regarding parties,baby showers etc so keep an eye on my blog. If you REALLY need a fairy maybe you can dress up? I bet your daughter would LOVE IT and you and find your inner child and have some fun....all for your daughter ofcourse!
    ps thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been really slack..busy...handsful..whatever you want to call it but I hope to get back into it too. Just poke me if I forget to post LOL.
    Now I have some reading to do to catch up on how you have been going.

  5. oh and Im a December baby too!! All the nice girls are =-D

  6. What fun to dress up as a fairy along with all of the little girls! I did a fairy party a few years ago for one of my girls. One of our party favors was a tiny vial of glitter on a necklace which was labled fairy dust! So much fun!
    Good Luck!

  7. What an adorable tutu! I'm pretty sure the party's going to be a blast no matter what. Enjoy a lovely day, Kellie xx


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