Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The wait continues

Good news our double vanity and shower for our en-suite are ready to be delivered. I would love to say that this means we will have them here in the next day or so, but instead I have asked if we can keep them in the warehouse for a couple of weeks as we still don't have a building start date.

Mizu Walk-in wetroom

It has been over two weeks since we signed our building contract and now we wait for the building permits. Once we have these we will get the call from the Site Manager to discuss next steps and start date.

I have never been good at waiting and not having a definite start date is something I struggle with as I like to plan. So trying to ignore this we have picked all our fittings.

My two favourite magazines

While I wait though, I do like having the time to look at my favourite magazines (something I haven't packed) and cut out pictures for my style file. And to my blogging friends looking at your blogs and getting inspiration and ideas.


  1. I'll look forward to seeing your new bathroom when it comes together. They are my fav mags too!

  2. The permits can sometimes slow you down. But then look at all the time you have to find more ideas for your bath. Have a wonderful day! Kellie xx


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