Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blue inside and out

The sun finally came out in Melbourne today and we got some blue sky, we haven't seen much of it of late. I miss it! The blue sky reminded me of my love for blue in all its variations, a colour I use to decorate inside and out.


  1. I'm a sucker for blue too and it IS wonderful to see the blue sky again [although it's been raining here for most of the week].

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving a little bit of sunshine.

    Felicity x

  2. I love blue as well. It reminds me of the water and I once did a quiz that told me I am very much influenced by colours surrounding the sea (blue,green & sand colours) I can't wait till we see more of the blue sky here in Melbourne too. Although it has been a bit yucky we have had 2 Sundays in a row where my hubby has been home(only has 2sundays a month and not usually in a row) We went to the V8's the first Sunday and the 2nd Sunday we went to Lake Mountain to the snow. Both days were beautiful with lots of sunshine,laughter and fun.


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