Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wrap around deck tour

Our wrap around deck is finished, well built at least and so thought it was time to share, so come along for a tour warts and all.

Now this deck was started late October 2011 and has only just been completed in that the roof on the pergola was put on last week. I can not believe how long it has taken but there have been reasons such as drainage issues, Christmas break and more. So considering it has taken so long and I have mentioned it in a few posts, thought it was about time I shared pictures, even though we still need: to finish oiling the deck, painting the pergola and getting some wooden trims put in. 

This is where we sat and had our coffee this morning while we watched the kids playing in the garden.

This is the view from where we were sitting.......

Now once I finished my coffee and got out of my chair and walked to the edge of the undercover area this is the view.....

 Then perspective from the garden....

And moving around the corner down to the laundry....

Looking back from the laundry door.....

So there you have it. We love our new deck and so do the kids. As you can imagine they love to run right around it out the sliding doors next to the dining area and right around to the laundry. I love the fact too that I can sit at the dining table or in the family room and watch them play.

Hope you are all having a great weekend as you can see from the photos, here in Melbourne it is a beautiful sunny one.

Also if you want to find out what Hubby and I spoke about over coffee this morning - A Coffee Chat - Too busy for child's play?


  1. Hi Georgy, Wow, the deck is stunning. Your house is coming up a treat.
    Love it. Looking forward to following the rest of your reno.

  2. Your deck looks amazing. Low your backyard too<3

    Which one of these wicker baskets have you got:

  3. These things take time but it just makes us appreciate it all the more when we get it. Looks fantastic and really extends the living area I'm sure you're going to get lots and lots of use out it to make up for the lost time :)

  4. Love it Georgy! I love the design and the way it wraps around. We've just loved our deck, it's so great for entertaining. And how pretty does your garden look!

  5. Love it..I hope our deck looks half as good..


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