Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday - a coffee chat

One of the things I wanted from our renovation is to create a house for entertaining. So now that we have finished our major building work we have started having friends over regularly for coffee, wine, dinner, or all three.

I love my coffee so much so that after my little boy was born, baby number two, we invested in an Italian coffee machine so that I didn't have to juggle a baby and toddler in cafes every morning just to get my flat white.

The coffee machine is now three years old and still going strong. It not only makes great coffee but has provided a good reason for many friends to pop in and have a chat. It is amazing how much can be talked about over a cup a coffee with the topics varying from 'wow I need this as the kids aren't sleeping' to a look through home mags together and a chat about latest design trends, to discussion on the latest political polls.

With this in mind I have now created a new blog - A Coffee chat -please check it out and join in.

By the way our roof is finally on the new pergola and the wrap around deck finished - photos to come soon.

Hope you are having a great weekend and Happy Easter.



  1. Oh have a coffee for me Georgy, I adore the aroma and taste of coffee but unfortunately it doesn't agree with me. So I'm a tad envious :)
    Happy Easter

  2. Iv just been given a kick ass breville coffee machine which makes the most amazing coffees, your right just as good as the coffee shops. The brickie has been at our house 4 days straight and Im sure he just keeps coming back each day for another coffee, Iv never gone through so much coffee and milk before!


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