Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday inspiration - winery, cafe and gardens

This weeks inspiration for my house and garden comes from my visit with Hubby to Mornington Peninsula wineries, cafes and gardens.

I love the rustic almost Tuscan look of Montalto winery pictured above, with olive trees framing the entrance and then in wine barrels scattered around the winery. All around the weathered wooden tables pictured above were vegetable and herb beds and then sitting at one views of the vines. It was all very inviting and we just had to try some of the wineries Pinot Noir which they are renown for.

Then to the amazing Heronswood property with a gorgeous cafe within a thatched roof cottage style building located at the back of the garden. The same garden where they get their organic produce from to make the delicious food served at the cafe. And for the coffee drinkers amongst you the coffee was organic, fair trade and very easy to drink.

How great is this table with the herbs growing in the middle.

And again olive trees scattered around the place, can you tell I have a thing for these wonderful trees? Now just have to plant one at home in a wine barrel.

 After relaxing over lunch we wandered through the the gardens and admired the main house.

I loved the feel of this place and will be trying to capture some of it at home especially in the garden, so stay tuned for how I try to weave some of this magic into my garden at home!


  1. Favourite spots. Did you get to see the sculpture competition while you were at Montalto? I think it was the best year yet.

  2. Looks a beautiful place to visit and get inspiration from.

  3. It looks lovely Georgy. I would love to visit there myself. We tried planting olive trees in wine barrels but the dog thought they looked out of place and removed them for us along with the next 3 lots of plants we tried to grow there :-)

  4. What beautiful spots! I didn't realise there was a thatched building anywhere in Aus! How interesting (and very stunning) x

  5. fun were in my neck of the woods i love montalto.....and so sorry i haven't been on to visit for sometime hoping to be on more shortly smooch lisa xx


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