Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wattle tree - to go or stay?

We have a large Wattle tree in the corner of our back garden and at this time of year I think it looks spectacular. I love the smell of wattle it makes me feel like the end of Winter is near.

The issue is with this beautiful tree is that Hubby wants to cut it down and I do not. Not only because I love the wattle flower but the tree gives great shade over the children's play area in what is a north facing sunny garden.

For me too I struggle to cut down any tree no matter what size and with a large one like this well what can I say, I would cry. I grew up in the Adelaide hills where there were large gums everywhere and I just love them - the smell, the noise they make in the wind and the wildlife they attract.

In hubby's defence the tree does drop a lot of bits and pieces and he has had to cut it back from annoyed neighbours properties.

Luckily for me the local council have strict laws about removing trees, especially natives and it will cost quite a bit. So I have been given a year to improve and use the space under the tree and then we will discuss again.

Any ideas for what I could do in that corner?


  1. Iove wattle! So fragrant like honey and so very cheerful!
    I'd keep it...but get an arborist in to prune it right back if possible to give you more light. A chicken run would be great in that space! But if not chooks then lots of picnics in summer in the shade! Your garden looks lovely.

  2. You have to keep the wattle, so Australian! I have one in our backyard too and love it. ;-)

  3. Hi Georgy, I really hope you don't have to remove it! Mature trees like that are gems. I would just 'declutter' around it. I always think large trees look beautiful with clear space around them. Good luck! Rachaelx

  4. I would get rid of it in a heartbeat. The smell of wattle gives me and instant headache and yellow is not my favourite colour. I would try for something leafy and evergreen under planted with strapy shady loving plants and some beautiful helebores.


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