Sunday, August 14, 2011

A meeting at The Block

I was fortunate to have good friends visiting from Adelaide on Friday and with one being a big fan of The Block we just had to go and visit.

On driving past we saw Tania and Rod standing on their front porch and so quickly pulled over and jumped out, but by the time we walked back they had gone back inside. Instead we then managed to see Josh and Jenna coming out and quickly got a photo of my very excited friend with them.

Once the main excitement was over we took time to look at the houses more closely. I must say on first inspection the houses all look fantastic and being a big fan of Katrina and Amie's style had to have my photo in front of theirs (see above).

On closer look though you can see with all of them that the paint jobs look a bit rushed, very streaky in spots but with the timeline they had I am not surprised. I just think about how long it is taking to paint our house.

I have to say though a big fan of the girls my favourite from the outside was Josh and Jenna's double fronted weatherboard cottage.


  1. How exciting!! It's a pity they didn't have more time to paint the outside, just so they could get a better finish. They look quite dark but I do like the look of Josh and jenna's house :)

  2. Ohhh. I'd love to see their houses in real life...


  3. Lucky you!
    I've been hooked with this series right from the very start years ago and this year's series has been a cracker.

    Having just watched the reveal of the yards I'm going to be interested to see who wins the series.

    Thank you for sharing,

    xx Felicity

  4. Exciting! Keep meaning to drive past but haven't gotten around to it. Love that double fronter too! Love the colours.

  5. Oh I am jealous I wish I had been in Melbourne checking them all out. What a week it must have been doing all that painting in the freezing Melbourne weather. I am surprised they finished at all.

  6. Thankyou for your lovely comments about my new bundle of joy Have a lovely week xx

  7. What a fun day and pretty cool you met some famous Block folk! I'm curious to see who will win!


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