Friday, August 5, 2011

Renovation takes over!

The renovation really seems to have taken over our lives lately. I am continually cancelling on friends and our social life has diminished a lot and I think will continue to do so for at least another month.

My little boy crashing on our new rug enjoying the sun

We are nearly there but the builders are six weeks over contract and still going. They are hoping to be out of here by mid next week, that will be major cause for celebration.

Unfortunately once the builders are finished we still have a lot to do which will impact on our weekends for the next little while - cleaning, painting, painting, painting and getting the floorboards sanded and polished, plus carpets put in the two new bedrooms. Then there is all the stuff that we have decided to do on the outside of the house ourselves - painting, replacing weatherboard and putting in new base boards. Sigh!!

I am a little over it and this is why I haven't been online much lately either.

On the positive side I am loving the new space - I often sit in these cane chairs, coffee in hand and watch my kids outside jumping on the trampoline. And even better news I have been told I can use our new bath from tonight!


  1. Georgy it is so going to be worth all the disruption and sacrifice. The sun streaming in on the rug and the cane chairs is just beautiful. You must be so happy with how lovely it all looks. It will be lovely for you to have your house back to yourself when all the builders have gone.
    No sun here, just steady rain.

  2. I'm so pleased that you have somewhere so glorious to enjoy some quiet time in the sunshine.

    You must be looking forward to having all of your friends and families over for the 'great reveal' dinner/BBQ and I can imagine you will be hosting Christmas in your gorgeous new home this year.

    Happy day Clever You!

    xx Felicity

  3. Wow. It looks great! Do you mind me asking where your rug is from?


  4. B, the rug is from Rugs Galore and we got in in the sales. I love it so plush and soft. Perfect for lying on. G

  5. Oh, Georgy, I've been wondering how you've been faring. The end is getting tantalisingly close now. Looking forward to the big reveal! J x

  6. Georgy, the home is looking fantastic & so warm with all that sunlight. Love the timber frames. It will be all worth it in the end.KP

  7. Georgy, it looks like such a gorgeous sunny space! love the large doors to the outside!!! Have a great weekend! Laura xxx

  8. It's looking lovely though!
    We are just at the start of our major Reno plans, in design stage.


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