Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tea anyone?

I love the sales at this time of year, especially when you find something you have been looking for at a good price, such as this gorgeous tea set. I bought it from General Trader at half price. Not only is it great for a cup of tea but it looks good on my side board and goes with the general red Winter theme in the new living space.

Now just waiting to hang our new mirror with a thick black frame (also bought in the sales) above the side board, but can't do until we have finished painting the walls and the floorboards are sanded and polished.

And just to show it is not all about red, I am still using my favourite colour blue in places and mixing it up with silver, black and white.


  1. cute tea set......just to let you know T2 {love this place} has 50% off at the moment on some things, a must look.......
    smooch lisa xx

  2. Hi Georgy, I agree very cute tea set. KP


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