Wednesday, July 13, 2011

School holiday fun and a broken bed!

Imagine this - two hyperactive kids trapped inside on school holidays because of cold wet weather, trying to release energy - I am sure most of you don't have to imagine too hard!

Well this was the situation in our house yesterday morning and then while I was stacking the dishwasher all was quite, thinking the kids were playing in their room I wasn't too worried until I heard a loud crash coming from my bedroom. Running in I discovered the kids had broken our queen size bed. A powder coated metal bed (to give cast iron look) had snapped between the side bar and the bed end and so the mattress was touching the floor at one end!

Bed before it broke

I must admit I wasn't too upset as this bed frame is about 17 years old and I had been hinting that we need a new bed for a while. Not so good for the budget put good for a room makeover!

Now the question is another 'cast iron' bed, a sleigh bed or an ensemble?

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  1. Oooops, I hope no one was hurt! A new bed sounds like fun though. Enjoy your shopping. xx


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