Sunday, July 10, 2011

Decorating - creating spaces with a touch of colour

The cold Winter weather this week has meant a lot of time inside with school holidays. Hard while still renovating but have tried to reclaim areas and do a bit of decorating.

To try and warm up the room and bring some outside in have added red followed by some cuttings from one of our three Camilla trees. Love these trees for their beautiful dark green foliage and Winter flowers.


  1. I love camellias too. They are very reliable and have that instant appeal. Yours look lovely.

  2. Ahhh, flowers always make your day feel brighter.We also have horrible weather spoiling our school holiday fun, not to mention the flu thats taking us out one by one.
    Your house is coming togethor beautifully!!

  3. I also love camellias , so pretty and perfect!! These school holidays are the hardest with the kids not being able to go outside too much and being so cold!! Bring on summer already!!!!
    Laura xxx


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