Monday, May 9, 2011

A drive in the country for garden ideas

A jaunt to the country, well in this case the outer Melbourne area of Warrandyte, (so not really country but fresh air, orchards, rolling hills and a river) was great for inspiration, relaxation and just getting out of Melbourne a little.A visit to a local orchard and after seeing these fruit bins think we will be heading back soon to buy some fruit to use as herb and vegetable planter boxes.

Also love this setting and beautiful deciduous trees for Autumn colour...

And to add to this can't go past a visit to an Antique store, this one in the main street of Warrandyte even has a gorgeous rustic entrance.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh I love Melbourne in Autumn, I grew up around that area and would often go swimming at nearby Pound Bend. Sounds like a great day out. ;-)

  2. These are lovely! Sounds like an amazing time. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  3. We hang out in Warrandyte a lot, isn't it lovely? Gorgeous pics.. Rachaelxx

  4. Autumn is a lovely time of year and so pretty all the colours. Nothing like some fresh air in your lungs to make all seem good in the world.


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