Monday, December 6, 2010

Painting and cleaning

Could it be - we might be able to use our new shower this coming weekend. If so it will almost be seven weeks since we had a shower in our house!

The weekend was spent painting, sorting and cleaning in anticipation of moving back into our bedroom and having a WIR and en-suite bathroom, which for the time being will be our only bathroom.
Corner of shower - still got to paint above, do corking and put in shower screen (to right of picture only as walk in)

Just painted the ceiling and new cornice

We had discussion this morning with the building group about some issues and are hoping all will be sorted asap, I mean Christmas is under three weeks away can you believe!

Looking through the new WIR to bathroom - can't wait to put blue towels on the towel rail


  1. Enjoy that shower!!! Hope some things are able to be finished for you before Christmas.

  2. Wow that first hot shower will be so amazing ;)

    X Cristina

  3. I like your cornices! Not long now... :)

  4. So close, so exciting, how long do you think you will stand in the shower just soaking it up on that first day!!!

  5. looks lovely....i feel for u, we had our bathroom put in June and it was a nightmare, il never forgot my first shower after 18 months of baths lol x


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