Saturday, June 19, 2010

Inspiration - a step back

As those of you who have redecorated and or renovated your home would know, when you are starting out, or come to think of it in the middle of it and at the end you can get a little obsessed with detail, I am no exception to this.

It is all about the tiles at the moment and other bathroom fittings. Luckily in my case hubby and I have similar tastes but that doesn't keep us free of heated discussions as we have very different ways of going about things.

So after a tense Sunday morning last weekend with a bathroom discussion that was going nowhere we decided we needed to take a step back and get out of the house with the kids, heading into Melbourne on the train. We had a great time especially considering it was a cold Wintry day and was impressed with the new Federation Wharf, loved the old stone work backdrop to the cafe /bar there. A wander up Collins Street with it's French feel, also got me thinking and reminded me of what my inspirations are for how I want our home to be and feel.

Following this over the past week and lots of discussions over coffee with friends, I have been thinking more about the overall picture and what we want to achieve with the renovation / extension. For us it is all about lifestyle, we love Europe especially all things French, Italian's love for life, family, food and wine oh and the wonderful architecture and gardens in both places.

With this in mind I was reminded for me it is all about creating a place that is warm and welcoming, a wonderful home to hang out with friends and family in.

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