Thursday, June 10, 2010

At home

A couple of weeks ago we found out that our little boy has a number of food and other allergies. He has also been sick with one virus after another and so the doctor recommended that we take him out of childcare for a while to try and break the cycle of illness.

So now me a Mum that normally goes into an office three days a week has been at home for nearly two weeks and possibly will be here for at least another two, after which my husband will take over.

Although upsetting at first having a sick child and having to completely change his diet, I looked at the positive and thought I will savour this time where I can just focus on my children and the house.

So to the house - a time I thought to think about bathroom design and other things that need looking into before we start work on the renovation in a few months. This however hasn't been the case, but instead stuck inside on these cold Winter days I have been moving furniture around in our living spaces (as really feel the lack of space in Winter) and making decorations with my daughter to hang in the family room play area.

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