Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The effects of rain

Now I am generally a real sun person and love blue skies and warm weather but after the few days of heat that Melbourne has had I have loved all the rain over the past 24 hours.

After it has been so hot, the smell of rain, the coolness it brings and the effect it has on the environment is wonderful. Last night as I sat in my kids room while they were going to sleep, I had their window wide open and just listened to the rain and sound of crickets. Very relaxing.

This morning my little boy and I walked my daughter to school and there were puddles everywhere, the Eucalyptus smelt wonderful wet and the birds were all calling out, all because of the Summer rain.

Also yesterday we got our rainwater tank installed so now have another reason to love the rain when it has been so dry.

Today now the rain has stopped the builders are working on putting in a deck down this side and around the tank. This deck will wrap around the house and meet up with the back deck. So I will be sharing lots of deck photos soon.


  1. It has been stinking hot hasn't it! I'm so glad for the rain too. Although the humidity is awful.

  2. Hi Georgy, the rain was fabulous, my tanks are 3/4 full now.

  3. I've been told we are expecting 300 mls where we are ... oh well, raining dollars for the farmers!

  4. I love a deck that wraps all around the house - it's going to look great!

    I don't know if I should laugh or cry, looking out at the snow that we have here and thinking about you in hot Melbourne! If we could just trade weather for a couple of days... ;-)

    Let me know if you do the shell art project - I'd love to see how it turns out :-)

  5. i'm with you how hot was it.......and were we have moved to {no aircon} eeeekkkkk will buy a portable one me thinks, i have to say its so nice to be back and i'm really looking forward to all your fab photos smooch lisa xx

    ps where abouts do you live in melb's??????

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog I love meeting a fellow renovator :) that deck is going to look awesome!

  7. It has been hot here, and soooo wet! Our back yard filled up with water... the plants love it though!
    Hope the builders get the deck finished soon! Happy week!


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