Friday, September 30, 2011

Shoes and bags - where do you put them?

What do you do with your shoes and bags when you come into your house? Is your place a shoes off kind of home?

Ok this is a post that says a little something about me which some of you may go, don't be so precious but here goes...

My house is a no shoe zone, has been for a while and since we have had the boards sanded and polished recently we are even more hot on it.

Of course this means my kids are well trained on this particular thing to the point of going into anyones house will immediately take shoes off. The issue I am facing at the moment is getting others to do the same. Some friends and family do easily but others need constant reminding to the point where it is getting uncomfortable. Would it be bad to put a sign in the hall saying Welcome - take shoes off here! - maybe a suggestion for one of you lovely graphic designers to do a print?

And then there is bags, now of course these are allowed in the house but the issue I have is where to put them? I am finding most people walk down the hall into the kitchen and drop them onto the central kitchen island bench. For some reason this gets to me, probably because it is my main food prep area (I like it to be clear). Or the put them on my lovely sideboard, pictured above and this I don't like much either. But I can't bring myself to ask them to put them in the nearby bookcase where I have a vacant shelf. My family who I can ask to move bags just look at me like I am a little mad!

So is there where you are going to tell am I am a little over the top? Maybe but even though I like these two things to be neater I do not run a minimalist, sterile house by any means. I love photos and kids stuff and things from our travels around the place, plus a big fan of bookcases.

So any suggestions? Do you have any house pet hates yourself?


  1. Hi Georgy,
    I'm with you all the way with bags not going onto benches, especially where food is to be prepared - the bottom of women's handbags are one of THE worst spots for germs and grime [think about all the places where they're put in the course of just one day alone].

    Perhaps a separate little bench with hooks could be incorporated near where your guests tend to gather. If it's easy to use people will generally tend to 'play by the rules'.

    Good luck!

  2. Hullo! Being Malaysian Chinese background....well you may know that folk from this part of the world generally don't wear shoes indoors. I have an ikea shoe rack by the front door, our shoes go in there. And visitors look at our feet and either immediately take shoes off or we ask politely if they wouldn't mind.
    Bags...go on hooks or on the floor in the corridor! Just seems to be where they end up.


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