Saturday, September 24, 2011

A blank canvas

Well after a break finally back and starting to enjoy the house, slowly sorting out rooms and decorating.

I have been away from the blog and even getting online outside work for the past month due to illness, being away from our house so we could get boards sanded and polished and then just getting re-settled. It has been a difficult and busy time and we are now finally coming out the other end.

So I thought initially I would share some photos of what I call 'the blank canvas' we came back to after two weeks away (well after I cleaned all the dust). And over the next month I will do some reveals, before and afters, as we settle back into the house.

So in sort of a logical sequence - as you walk in the front door and down the hall slightly first door on the right is the living room....

Then walk through the living room and look through the French doors to the dining area....

Next more in the dining area you can see the servery through to the kitchen and out towards the new family room....

Looking out the stacking doors to the garden, were we hope to have the alfresco deck built very soon.....
Turning around and looking back towards the lounge......

If you walk straight down the hall from the front door and not turn off you end up in the kitchen so in the next photo you can just see the corner of the kitchen island bench....

Looking back from family room to the kitchen (which is high on the list for re-doing).....

So that covers most of the living space. Later I will show you the new bedrooms, bathroom and laundry.

The end of October will be a year since we started the renovation and here's hoping by then I will be able to have a renovation warming party, well that's the plan anyway.


  1. It looks great Georgy... light and open and very fresh. I bet you're excited about settling back into it all. Hope it's smooth sailing! gxo

  2. Hi Georgy,

    It's looking beautiful. So warm, open and airy. I love all the doors, wooden floors, and can see how great it will all be with the deck creating that inside/outside flow with your stacker doors. It's a great transformation. Wow! How nice to be at the blank canvas stage. All the pain was worth it!!

  3. Oh, Georgy, I'm so delighted to see this stunning progress. I can't wait for The Big Reveal ☺. J x

  4. It all looks amazing and I hope you enjoy your new space. Worth it in the end don't you think? Enjoy! ;-)

  5. What a lovely space Georgy, you must be thrilled.

  6. Oh, you are going to have so much fun decorating, your floors look stunning. Congrats on such a beautiful transformation!!

  7. wow wow looks amazing, and the space is huge.....i can't wait to see what you do with it {decor etc} are you changing anything???? colours etc.......
    have a wonderful week and happy to hear your feeling better smooch lisa xx

  8. Hi Georgy, The floors look great & the whole space looks wonderful. I love the windows opening to the outside garden. Fantastic. KP


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