Monday, June 13, 2011

Cover style

I have discovered over the past few weeks just how good magazine covers are for inspiration, you don't even need to look inside but of course most of the fun is flipping through the pages and reading about the homes featured.

Love the natural look with hints of blue and green...

Over the past few weeks I have have spent a lot of time in bed sick, firstly with a bad virus and then pneumonia, giving me plenty of time to look at magazines. Luckily for me I have two years worth of Home Beautiful and Real Living in my bookshelves, as family have kindly given me subscriptions to both for Christmas.

Oh and red and blue together against a white back drop (love the Christmas issues)......

We also have hit delays with the build, we are at fixing stage but now moving very slowly waiting for a tiler to come so others can finish off. I was warned this would happen, you think you are nearly there and then the last bit seems to take ages.

Got to love blue especially with white....

At least this has meant I haven't had to deal with tradies much while at home feeling rotten and I have been distracting myself with trying to figure out what style to go with in the new living space. These pictures will give you an idea of what I like, now just have to work out what elements to take from them.

And can't go past red, especially for Winter........


  1. Sorry to read you haven't been well...hope you're on the mend. Magazines...I love my magazines, especially when I'm needing some inspiration for a particular look at them with a different eye to when you originally looked through it. My magazine piles keep growing but I can't throw them out!!

  2. Poor you, not being well but at least you had lots of magazine entertainment. I have a subscription to Real Living and just love it. I'd buy a lot more magazines but I really have to be strong and limit myself. Get better soon!

  3. Oh you poor thing. Hope you are feeling a little better. Love the least it has given you time to research the look you're after. Can't wait to see the result.. :) X

  4. Yikes..Hope you're feeling better now! The last bit does seem to take FOREVER! Rachaelxx

  5. You poor thing, I hope you recover quickly. It would be nice to have an excuse to relax & enjoy all those lovely magazines!!!

  6. Hi Georgy, hope you are feeling better. Pneumonia is quite nasty. Lots of magazines will definately help you recover.


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