Monday, July 19, 2010

The kid factor

Something I have to keep reminding myself (not sure why I keep forgetting) is that my to do list takes a lot longer to complete then it used to because of the kid factor.

Even knowing this we still requested the build to be brought forward and now we have realised it is really happening with Robert, our Designer coming around this week to sign final contracts and technical drawings. So the plan is to start the build in August (initially we were waiting until January next year), so we can be finished in time for Christmas which we may even host - I am starting to think we are mad!

We are now in full on rush mode of choosing fittings, not easy with kids in toe, the problem being one of us always has to watch them closely as they zip around the showrooms, so no discussion, just picking things then comparing notes.

At Reece the kids hopped in and out of baths (which the lovely staff actually suggested to keep them entertained) and they loved pressing buttons to check out the water flow on different shower heads. And then I don't know what came over me but I took my almost two year old to a tile place by myself. He whipped around at high speed and kept climbing on the displays. Lets just say we stayed for all of five minutes. Thank god for the Internet where we can check a lot of things out first and for friends and family who have looked after the kids at different points (my parents are coming over from Adelaide to do just that this weekend, oh and are here for my sons second birthday).

It is going to be an interesting, full on few months with some great stories I am sure: - seeing how my daughter goes with the portable toilet (at least my son is still in nappies), how we move from one area of the house to another so we can live in the house and how we keep my son in particular away from the builders or climbing things he is not meant too!

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  1. Hi Georgy - good luck with the new timeframe! Thanks for your lovely comment - of course you can refer to my blog and stuff on it! Nic


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