Saturday, July 31, 2010

Building contract

Now for the fun and games! I was warned that the contract stage can take a while and be very frustrating but did I listen, no and now I am exactly that, frustrated.

You may be aware of this having gone through a renovation or starting on the path to one and so have been told by friends that the contract phase can take a while, especially if you are thorough which is a good thing to be.

We had the final builders contract brought around last Saturday, a thick 40 page document and lets just say we didn't get very far as we realised there were changes that needed to be made even before we started looking at it. Over the past week we have read through it and have sent our construction company, a list of questions and changes, now we play the waiting game. So now not sure about our August date for the build start.

At least I have to say our buidling group are very thorough and I am glad they put everything in the contract. As I was told by a friend that didn't have a good contract, 'you are better off finding these discrepancies now then when they start building'.

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