Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Starting Point

Six years ago we bought a 1950's style two bedroom weatherboard (with brick casing, weird I know) house in a beautiful green suburb of Melbourne. When we moved in it had green carpet with brown swirls, first thing to go - it now has beautiful hardwood polished floorboards. We have also done a lot of other cosmetic work like painting, painting, painting, oh and doing up the front garden including putting in the prerequisite picket fence.

So as it stands we currently have two bedrooms (so our two kids share one), one falling apart bathroom and (the thing that drives me nuts) a toilet through the laundry, inevitably the messiest room in the house thanks to two kids and two cats.

To add to the mayhem we also have regular family visitors from Adelaide sleeping in the lounge / study and not much space for all the toys in the other living area.

So over the past six year as our family and therefore the amount of 'stuff' has grown, I have enjoyed coming up with storage ideas that fit into the style of the family area, trying to avoid too much clutter making the space seem smaller and looking at how we can multipurpose rooms.

I am starting to feel like the house is at bursting point though and so the plan is to do a renovation / extension over the next year. We have just started the design process for this.

What we have to work from - the good thing is the open living space, though a little odd in shape and so a bit pokey, does face North so gets great sun and the best aspect from an environmental design perspective. The flip side to this however is the South facing lounge/ study and main bedroom have thin windows and little insulation. The kids room faces West and is a heat box. All things we want to address.

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