Monday, September 8, 2014

A new beginning

Those that used to read my blog will know I haven't posted for over a year. This is mainly because the last year has seen some big changes which required some adjustment.

Manchurian Pear out the front of my house
My husband and I separated a year ago this week and have been living apart ever since. Now a year later I am looking at many positive new beginnings (and Spring is a good time for that). A sad one for me is getting the house ready for sale but looking forward to the adventure. Looking forward to the fun of staging the house and getting it in tip top condition (have just put in a new kitchen) and looking forward to creating and decorating a new home with my two children.

We are not selling the house until early next year so I am glad I will have six months with my new kitchen and of the house looking fantastic. It will also be nice to have a last Christmas and Summer here with lots of entertaining on the deck.

I keep telling myself it is just a house and that the people that live within are the most important. This of course is very true but still there are a lot of memories here as we have been living here 10 years and both my babies were brought home to this house.

Still it is all about the journey as they say and now I am starting in a new direction. Who knows what exciting possibilities the future may hold!


  1. So sorry to hear your news...take care of yourself!

  2. So good to see you finding the positive side of such a challenging time. xx

  3. Thinking of you amd glad to see you back, I'm back too but not as mrs bok and her bok flock anymore. Wishing you peace as you enjoy the pimms on the deck in your home for one last summer. Hugs x


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