Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Open inspections show less = more

I have recently been going to a number of open inspections of houses for sale in my area. Reason being that close friends of mine are looking to buy and another friend is getting ideas for her new build.

I must say this is something I love doing as it gives me ideas for my own house and one thing I have learnt recently is less can equal more comfort and peace in a house.

If you have looked at house for sale recently or sold one of your own you would know that in many cases the houses are completely de-cluttered of personal stuff and in some then given the going over by an interior designer. Now the lack of personal items can make a house a bit sterile but if an interior designer has then gone through the house and added rental furniture and ornaments it can give you some great ideas for basic room looks.

I particularly liked a house I looked at on the weekend as it is a weatherboard like my house with a very similar layout.

Photos from

Love the frontage. Gives me ideas as we are in the middle of doing ours with new windows going in tomorrow.

 Also love the neutral de-cluttered interior and am planning on making my lounge more like this one in terms of layout. My lounge will have more colour, (especially as we have a blue lounge and can't afford to replace it) and family photos though.

How peaceful does this bedroom look, love the window seat.

As mentioned we are getting new windows put in tomorrow in the front two rooms, being the main bedroom and lounge room, so I have just cleared these rooms out. On Friday once all is cleaned up I might just put things back a little differently and leave some things out completely.

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