Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spring or Christmas cleaning?

Now considering it is November, it is still considered Spring in Australia, but I really think the sorting or cleaning I did yesterday could more be called Christmas cleaning.

I started sorting through the kids toys, trying to decide what could be put in the shed and what to give to the Salvos. With Christmas being six and a half weeks away and my daughters 6th birthday being six weeks off, I have started to think about all the new toys that will suddenly descend on the house. This is not helped my my kids being the only two grandchildren on either side.

So yesterday I found myself busy sorting and thinking hard about storage, do I need another visit to IKEA? I think I might!

So what do you think, belated Spring cleaning or honest Christmas sorting and do you do this?


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit I am very good at avoiding a big clean out. Though I'm looking forward to getting my Christmas deccys up and will need to de- dustbunny my place before I do it :)

  2. Cuties!!!!
    I'm constantly sorting and sifting...have to in a small home!

  3. It must be in the air, we have had a family cleanathon this weekend, it feels so good when a room is done!!

  4. It's a bit of both I reckon, 'cos it's very near the end of spring and the beginning of the Christmas season!

  5. HI Georgy I have just passed on a bloggy award to you. Feel free to accept and pass it on, or not. Happy NEw Year. Deb

  6. You can't beat ikea for storage solutions! Good luck with the spring clean! X


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