Friday, May 14, 2010

My style?

How do you determine your style for your home? Something I have often wondered about. Do I have a particular style, can it be classified?

Recently, for fun, I took a style survey in the April 2010 edition of 'Real Living' magazine, 'What's your Decorating Personality?' Well it seems I am a little confused as had equal rating on Beachy and Classic and wasn’t far behind on Bohemian. I like this, the fact I don’t easily fit into a style and I don’t think you have too.

Different styles can easily sit together in one house comfortably with linking elements. In my case I have stuck with white walls (except for the kids yellow bedroom), decorated with photos, kids drawings and pictures of things I love in black frames; warm wooden floorboards; generally wooden or white furniture with our blue sofas being an exception; with colour injected throughout the house (mainly blue but I do have a red room) via ornaments, manchester and rugs. We have a number of bookcases (more about these in other posts), which I love, as they provide a feature wall of colour.

Obviously my style has changed a little over the years as I began to be more confident in what I liked and not so influenced by what others thought or what the current trend is. Once I learnt this, elements of my style like my love for blue have stayed fairly constant.

I am not a fan of clutter and am continually like sorting out my home as it feels like it is bursting at the seams (looking forward to our extension and a lot more storage). I do however love the house to have warmth, character and reflect the family’s personality, so generally a fan of old houses decorated with a classic feel but with some contemporary and fun twists.

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  1. The great thing about old houses is that they already bring a sense of style to what you have - and they are so forgiving and flexible in terms of how you want them to look - eclectic and warm is my favourite style for homes. Have fun! Nic


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